Less hustle, more flow
Less striving, more allowing
Less proving, more being

Consider this your permission slip:
you are allowed to create a life that
nourishes you rather than drains you. 

The world may be chaotic; but your life doesn’t have to be.

Psst… here’s the thing:

You crave an aligned life,
a simpler life.
Releasing from its superficialities,
embracing significance.
You want your life to be deeply nourishing,
filled with peace. 

You can skip to the part where you can
be the real you without apologizing for it.

First, it starts with a decision. I’d love to show you how.

If there's one thing I know about you it's this:




comfortable in your skin

in control of your life

it's time to feel


Do you want to be SEEN as the woman who loves her life
or do you want to BE the woman who loves her life? 




An online space to gather, connect and celebrate one another as we deepen our practice for living a
simplified, well-nourished, ease-filled life. 

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A Membership Lounge

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Sometimes, you can't wait two weeks until the next available appointment.

These are 1:1 sessions directly with me to give you priority access to my calendar for help when you're going through it, not after the fact.

1:1 Sessions


- Louise H.

"I started working with Stacey when I was leaving a long-term relationship. I love working with her because she is completely relatable. I tend to get stuck in my head in a loop of overthinking which leads to anxiety and depressive states if it goes on too long. Stacey gets it because she has gone through similar life experiences.

The most important thing she has done for me in the last 6 years is to help open my eyes to a different perspective without ever making me wrong for how I think. I’ve learned how to navigate difficult decisions and make better choices for my life. She helped me see that I’m never really stuck and there are other ways to look at my situation."


- Lyndsay C.

“Before working with you, I was stuck in a cycle of shame, anger and guilt. I conformed to what everyone expected of me and I never considered what I wanted out of life.

You showed me how to see the patterns operating in my life that were keeping me stuck in unhappy and unhealthy relationships. Through working with you, I learned how to reset the way I related to my family and friends.

Shortly after we finished working together, I met a man who I married and today we are expecting our first baby! Thank you so much for  everything – it was a game-changer for me." 


~ Janice C.

"Stacey has worked with me to dive into some deep hurt many times.

When I was consumed by bitterness and anger over my marriage, working with Stacey helped me acknowledge the hurt and release it.

Immediately, my life literally changed. I didn’t realize that those negative feelings were consuming me and hurting me more each day.

She showed me how to shift out of that negativity. As a result, my days were easier, I got happier and good things started to happen!"



In their words...

“There are no words to express how much our work together has helped me. When we started, I was at the lowest point I’ve ever been. I had crippling anxiety and didn’t care if I lived or died. After many months of working with you, my world started to shift and I set new goals for my future. Most importantly, I regained a level of peace that I never thought I’d feel again. I started to look forward to life again.

In a month, I will be taking time to travel the world and I'm excited to see where my adventures take me next.

I can never repay you for this. Thank you.” 


- Tim B.

~ Tammy Y.

“From the moment I met Stacey, I knew it would be life-changing. I’m really good at getting stuck and wallowing in my stuff. The weight of my stress and worry was overwhelming and it affected every area of my life. She is quick to set me straight when I start to run down a stream of thought that will lead nowhere.

There is an admirable power in the care and strength she offers everyone in her presence. She has a phenomenal ability to transcend the norm for both herself and for others.

If you need someone with intuition, strength, directness, and a caring heart to be your guide to healing then Stacey has it. Love you! Thank you, Stacey!” 


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April 1, 2022

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