I sat there with my head in my hands.
It wasn’t often I felt at a loss of what direction to take but here I was.

At that moment, I was managing 6 major like transitions at once: a death in the family, eviction notice, multiple support systems leaving my life, about to lose 75% of my income, terminal illness diagnosis of a family member and, according, to my calculations, if I stayed on this path, I was 2 months away from having to declare bankruptcy.

In terms of having to deal with a lot at once, this was a record, even for me.
How was I going to get out of this mess?
Every possible solution brought about a new set of problems to solve.

And then, a realization:
Why are all of the solutions I’m considering trying to repair something that I don’t even want anyway…
                                                                                                    Somewhere along the way, I got off track. 
I had always been the outsider, The Black Sheep. The weird, quiet one. The one who sees alone time as a blessing not a punishment. The one refusing to conform to the societal norms for what is "the right way" to live. 
And there it was: The Problem. 

I was overwhelmed and exhausted.

I had stopped doing my own thing and had given in to the lies of the rat race and hustle culture. 

I betrayed the real me. 

The destruction of my old life was inevitable because I was no longer true to myself, no longer in alignment. It had been that way for far too long. I couldn't go on like this anymore, so I was given situations I couldn't ignore.
It’s always how it works.

I figured that since there was no perfect time and no saviour was coming and, even though I didn’t know what lay ahead, I certainly knew what I was going to get if I went back to the old way - so I went full steam ahead.
In a matter months, I sold almost everything I owned, stored what little I had left and wrapped up a life I had spent 30 years creating for the life of a digital nomad.

It was time for a soul-aligned approach to living...

How it started... 

How it's going...

Hi, I'm Stacey.

I'm an unapologetic introvert, simple luxuries lover and a rule breaker from way back! 

And I'd love to share with you how I used all of these things to create a life and business that honours me, my energy and what I love most in this world - and how I can show you how to do the same for youself!

Welcome - I’m glad you’re here!

While that impending bankruptcy never did happen, everything has changed...

Today I wake up with no blaring alarm clock,
just the waves crashing on the shore.
I ease into my days setting up my environment for success, defined on my own terms.
I built in the flexibility to each day to allow for some pleasure and relaxation.
I have created a life and business that is a balm for my unconventional soul.
I give myself what I need, when I need it.
And so, I have more to give those I love.
I’m a happier, healthier, better human because of it.
Success on MY terms. 
I live on my own schedule, my own way –
MY normal. 
Would you like a life like that? A business like that?
I’d be honoured to work together to show you how…

I'd had enough of this loud & chaotic world.
I craved quiet & calm.
And something different than facing the same four walls every day.
Moving forward, that is exactly what I would have. 

Tell me more!

A few super random fun facts even Google doesn't know about me...

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Self-Mastery Coach

Stacey lives a nomadic lifestyle with her partner, travelling wherever the wind takes her .

Currently, she lives in Canada but that can change at a moment’s notice because that’s how she rolls.

Stacey Broder is a Life & Business Strategist who is the go-to expert for people who want to exit hustle culture and the rat race for a simpler, slower, soul-aligned life and business. 

She has a global private consulting practice and leads people in her 50, Fabulous & Free community.

She has made multiple media guest appearances and her writing has been featured in online journals.