It’s my 50th and I got to reflecting on my life… lessons learned, hard-won wisdom gained, amazing experiences. I wanted to share them with you; I hope you’ll find some value in them. 

  1. Just doing the damn thing that I’ve been dreading takes up way less energy than putting it off.


  1. Being busy and productive are not the same thing. Busyness gets me a lot of things… headaches, stress, overwhelm, distraction… but not once will it get me the result I want.


  1. History has taught me that I will always get through “this”. Always.


  1. My ability to overcome adversity has made me an immeasurably strong woman and it still blows my mind when I look back and see everything I have come through. And I don’t celebrate that fact nearly enough. 


  1. The first and most important step is a willingness to rise… the rest always works itself out.


  1. When I am hungry and tired at the same time, there’s about a 28-minute window before things get very, very dark for everyone within my line of sight.


  1. The more I release the need to fight against my life, the easier it seems to flow.


  1. I am always astounded when a person who refuses to heal. Even when they’re faced with a bad situation, the idea of change is so scary to them that they find their pain more comforting because it is known.


  1. Every transformation in my life has been preceded by a shitshow so embrace the shitshow because you never know where it will lead.


  1. When you’re given a problem, you’re also given the solution and, once I got that, problems became less frightening because I knew if I paid attention and stayed open, a way out of it was there.


  1. I’ve learned that the colour of panties I put on in the morning affects how I engage with the day.


  1. Self-betrayal is the biggest betrayal you will experience and the hardest to get over.


  1. God doesn’t always give me what I want, but always, always, always what I need.
  2. People have been affected by your presence in their life, even if very briefly, more than you will ever know.


  1. When in doubt, take the vacation.


  1. Use all of it… your savings, your grandmother’s China, the last few swipes of the expensive lipstick. Because that’s what it is for. Life is meant to be savoured.


  1. Focusing on the positive aspects of a person rather than the negative can save the relationship.


  1. Showing up how you really are when you have a desperate need for approval is one of the most courageous things you can do.


  1. Giving up the need to control is incredibly freeing. And, you’ll realize that control you think you have is all in your head because none of us control anything happening here.


  1. Deep breathing to a count of 10 has the effect of some serious witchy-woman magic. Sprinkle that everywhere… before responding to that text, during a visit with the in-laws or standing in the checkout behind the guy taking 24 items through the ‘under 10 items only’ line.


  1. One or two lifelong, true-blue friendships is better than 20 different friends that come through your life revolving-door style.


  1. Any time I felt lost and unclear, it was because I was afraid to sit with my “negative” feelings. When we learn to sit with them, they become important guidance for what steps to take next. If you feel lost, this is why.


  1. I have learned that when we say we want peace, freedom or love what we really mean is we are searching for is God, whatever we understand that to be. Yet most of us will never admit that, and many don’t even realize it yet, so some will go an entire lifetime without feeling the peace that a connection to Source energy brings.


  1. We are always being guided what to do next; we never not know. Never. We may not like the guidance we get, we may try to pretend it doesn’t exist, but it is always there.


  1. Learning to manage our power (psychological, emotional, creative, financial, sexual, intuitive, relational, personal) is the single most important thing we will ever do.


  1. Buying the larger size that actually fits instead of cramming your body into what no longer fits, instantly makes you look smaller than you think you look.


  1. Your experiences don’t define you; how you choose to respond to them does.


  1. Wearing bright colors is an instant mood makeover.


  1. Those with whom I’ve had lifelong relationships fraught with animosity have been my greatest teachers and I’ve learned to appreciate their roles in my life.


  1. My body feels majorly “off” in the presence of those who are being fake or someone I distrust. It’s almost like I’m having an allergic reaction to that person. I’ve learned to never question that feeling.


  1. That dream you have deep in your heart? No one has to believe in it but you.


  1. It is totally okay to just admit when it sucks.


  1. Some of my best decisions have not been supported by one person.


  1. There are few things as truly healing as a gab session with someone you’ve known forever, laughing so hard it hurts, no sound coming out, tears running down your face, with your legs crossed because you’re about to pee your pants.


  1. Bullies come in all sizes, shapes and ages and actually do take a seat when you finally stand up to them.


  1. Taking a ‘duvet dive day’ every so often is necessary.


  1. If you ditch the cultural shaming of nipples, the embarrassment factor you were told to have and the need for them to perform gravitational gymnastics, then you don’t need a bra as much as you think you do… chucking it for good was one of the most freeing things I’ve done.


  1. Graciousness is an under-utilized tool in this world.


  1. One of the most important questions that you can ask yourself when you think you don’t know the answer is: “If I did know the answer, what would it be?”


  1. When we don’t see the lesson, it’s because we rush the space in between… the space just after the ending and right before the beginning. This is where we integrate and we’re in such a rush to move to the next thing, to distract, that we miss getting the lesson and the guidance when it’s time to move forward. And then we wonder why we are in the same position, yet again 6 months later.


  1. Other people are never responsible for how you feel.


  1. Pay attention to how it feels when you move your body. Find out what feels good for you. What you resonate with. Because moving your body in a mindful way helps you remember who you are and connects you to a place deep in your soul.


  1. Wanting a solo vacation is okay and it doesn’t make you a bad partner or mother.


  1. Wisdom delivered in the throes of heartbreaking pain can rarely be received.


  1. I’ve discovered that there is a direct correlation between my Capricornian mountain goat nature and my desire to climb things… and I’m good at it! … trees, mountains, the career ladder, out of debt, out of deep holes I dug all by myself.


  1. There is wisdom in silence… in the morning when the house is not yet awake, at 3 am when you can’t sleep and you’re staring out the window at the moon, when you decide to hold your tongue rather than explain further.


  1. Deciding that people no longer needed explanations for my no was liberating.


  1. Pray for the midlife crisis because that’s really where your life begins. It’s the unravelling of all you were told you should be so you can finally reveal who you really are.


  1. Your reality is informed by your perception which is why a shift in perception can be life-altering.


  1. I’ve learned to never apologize for who I am.


Do any resonate with you? Hit reply and let me know! I’d love to hear from you 🙂