If you spend five minutes with me and tell me a little sumthin’ sumthin’ about what’s happening in an area of your life, I will be able to tell you with accuracy what’s keeping you stuck.

That isn’t me being full of myself.

That isn’t me wielding some witchy-woman magic.

I simply understand this mystical truth:

All of life is comprised of a series of power negotiations.

Before anything else happens…

before experiencing the trauma, drama or shame,

before creating a world filled with love,

before courageously shining your light,

a negotiation of power happens.

Your power and what you CHOOSE to do with it, creates your reality.

The choices, thoughts, attitudes, decisions and beliefs you hold structure your life.

It might not be sexy, it might not be wildly woo, but it’s true.

Women especially seem to have a problem with this word, power.

Some feel it is too aggressive or that they have to become someone they’re not (too assertive, too bossy, too masculine) to wield their power.

But that’s a misperception. Each of us has power and what we do with it determines the quality of our lives.

So, call it whatever name feels good to you but by any means necessary learn how to manage it and don’t shy away from that responsibility.

And yes, it is your responsibility because, as a global citizen, the energy you bring to this world matters… and affects the collective.

Every single interaction there is a power negotiation at play.

You’re either keeping it, giving it away or reclaiming it – there is no other option.

If you finally stood up to that school bully back in the day or left that abusive partner, in that moment you were reclaiming your power.

If you go along with the friends who “volunteer” your time instead of saying some version of “no, that doesn’t work for me”, you are giving away your power.

If you quit the soul sucking job that is bad for your health instead of saying “it’ll get better if I stick it out” then you stood in your power.

Have you ever talked to a telemarketer who wanted you to do a survey that would “take 10 minutes of your time” only to upsell you to a Book Of The Month club that you agreed to buy to get the hell off the phone? Then you gave away your power.

All of life revolves around our relationship to people, places and things and the relationship between you and that thing or person is measured by power.

So how are you managing your power?

Questions for reflection:

  • Answer this: Do you think you have a healthy self-esteem? Got your answer? Now, notice how you feel when you look in the mirror every day. Notice the thoughts that go through your head. Would you speak this way to someone you love? Now, I’ll ask again: Do you think you have a healthy self-esteem?
  • List the top three amazing things about you (non-physical) and ask yourself if the choices you make regularly allow those amazing qualities to shine through.
  • Look over your choices of the last week. Were there any times you note feeling great or even proud of yourself? How about less than? What was happening at those times to make you feel good or bad? What was the exchange of power in those moments?

We all have power plays happening in our lives. Make yours good ones.





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