Think back to a time you were fearful to do something.

And then you did it.

And it was nowhere near as upsetting or difficult to do once you got into it.

In fact, the outcome was pretty good!

This was my life.

My mind would go CRAZY with all of these worst-case scenarios and arguments that would never come to pass.

Most of my female clients over the years have had this issue.

And such is the case when we let our emotions run our lives!

BUT when you allow yourself to move through it and learn how to acknowledge the triggers and master those emotions, it gets easier.

When they come up again – and they will always come up again – the goal is never to get rid of the emotion.

The goal is to learn how to manage it, so it doesn’t rule your life and drive you into the ditch.

Once you learn how to deal with it, it isn’t so scary anymore.

Taking personal accountability isn’t a scary thing; it’s actually the most freeing thing you could ever do in your life.


Because it means you are no longer at the mercy of outside people or situations over which you have ZERO control – the only thing you really control anyway is your response.

Now, you are in charge of your experience in almost every way in your life.

When you control your beliefs, words and actions, you are the director of your life.

You are leading in a way that is more positive for you, in a way that is in right-alignment with you.

You are now thoughtfully and intentionally making choices for your well-being.

Here’s what this does:

It gives you confidence.

Not all at once. You practice a little bit at a time.

Then you’ll try it again and again until pretty soon, it is just what you do.

We only get confident through doing. Read that again.

You start by making one small decision. It turns out well.

You think, “Hmm, that wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.”

Then you’ll make another… and another… and then you realize you’re feeling a little more confident overall.

Maybe you don’t need all of these other people or things to tell you what is right for you. Maybe you could even trust yourself to make a few more decisions in your life.

And every time you do it, you are exercising a muscle.

A personal power muscle that you are flexing until it is strong.

Just like going to the gym, it builds to the point where it is incredibly strong, you trust more and more in yourself, and before you know it, you are leading your own life, confidently.  

That’s why personal accountability – doing what needs to be done, acting in integrity – is the path to being a confident woman.

It’s not a sexy “10 Steps to Confidence” headline.

But it’s the truth. It’s real. And it’s what works.