Sometimes, we don’t like the ending. In our wildest dreams, it never looked like this!

So, we tend to hold on. Longer than we should.

I think this is a way to attempt to write an alternative ending.

I know for me, with my last relationship, I refused to accept that how this was ending was actually how it was ending.

When it would be so much less painful just to accept what is – although it doesn’t seem like that at the time!

But, what if…?”, as you stare off dreamily wondering what could have been and might still be if you just tried a little bit harder, held on a little longer.

Most of the time, what happened is what needed to happen.

It’s difficult to manoeuvre loss of any kind.

So many emotions… guilt, betrayal, despair…

What was the purpose of it all, anyway??

We all have situations where we are in some state of an ending.

Maybe it’s years off, maybe you’re in the middle of it, maybe you just went through it.

No matter where you are, try your best to look at it from an objective 3rd party perspective.

I know… it’s a tall order. It’s a practice.

What’s your part in someone else’s life? Are you staying longer than you are meant to?

Are you trying to make it perfect when really, your part is now complete?

You aren’t meant to help everyone reach their peak in life.

People have things to live through, too. And we can’t learn other people’s lessons for them.

They deserve the chance to experience how powerful it feels to be responsible for making their own lives better.

Sometimes, just the fact that you helped them get through something so that they had the opportunity to later stand on their own two feet and rise again was the whole point.

Maybe it has reached its natural conclusion.

And if we were to just accept that, perhaps endings wouldn’t have to be so painful.