Everything is always working for me. I believe that.

And yet…

It can also be true that not everything is working out for me in this moment.

Too often though, when something goes off track, we let our feelings about that moment dictate how the rest of our day unfolds.

It’s unconscious and until we make it conscious, we can’t properly direct it,

But that is its effect on our lives.

In that moment, you decided.

You decided that you were going to have a bad day.

… by saying “this always happens to me!”

… by refusing to let it go.

… by expecting something else to go wrong.

Do it enough and a bad moment, a bad day, a bad couple of months turns into a bad life.

It always amazes me how much control we have over the trajectory of our lives.

And how willing we are to give away that power.

Because if you are not directing your personal power in the creation of your life, you are giving it away to someone or something else.

And that isn’t going to take you anywhere you want to go.