“You know, you should watch what you say. You sound like you’re bragging”.

This was a portion of the private message I woke up to the day after I shared with everyone my excitement at getting upgraded to 1st Class on my recent flight back to Canada.

There was a time when I would have read that and gone into damage control mode.

I would have deleted the post, issued an apology, both privately to this person and publicly for my “thoughtlessness” and been hyper-alert for half a year afterwards.

I don’t do that now.

This matter was dealt with privately and immediately, no fretting or stressing about the fallout.

I won’t get into the convo I had but here’s what I will say about this, because it is important.

This had nothing to do with me or my experience.

It had everything to do with my story triggering someone’s unmet desires.

And that is not my responsibility. 

Nor is it yours.

So I guess I’m writing this as a cautionary tale.

We all have good things that we experience that we will want to share.

And ALWAYS there will be someone whose feeling of lack is highlighted.

We can’t get around that.

Of course, the lack of personal accountability for their own experience in this world causes them to lash out, and blame or judge another for “making them” feel a certain way.

As I’ve progressed on this journey and experienced more abundance in wonderful and surprising ways, I’ve seen similar comments and messages.

The answer is never to let someone squelch your joy nor is it to make yourself small just to make someone who isn’t consciously creating their own life feel better.

That is a situation where everyone involved loses.

Something to remember going forward:

You can’t make yourself small enough to make someone, who feels they are lacking, feel worthy.

Consider it a giant red flag for who isn’t aligned with you.

So, keep shining your light and be the amazing you that you are!