How far do you think you’ve come in your life?

Do you consider yourself fairly accomplished?

Evolved or enlightened, even?

Even those who are considered the great masters and gurus of the world will admit that they believe they know nothing.

I’d tend to agree.

It’s an unending process of unravelling and becoming, unravelling and becoming.

Somewhere along the way I finally recognized that I would never reach a point of arrival.

This was kind of a relief because it took away a lot of frustration I had about reliving patterns I thought I’d long since dealt with.

I finally got that it was less about stopping my patterns altogether and more a matter of getting really good at identifying and calling myself out on them so I could stop the drama in its tracks.

But expect those patterns will keep coming back.

It is about accepting those shadow aspects of yourself – which we all have – and realizing that you are worthy even with them.  

These lessons keep coming around in different ways and environments, through relationships and situations.

It just looks slightly different each time.

But my question to you is this: will you spiral up or circle back?

Everything is a spiral if you are getting the lessons.

You take the knowledge and wisdom you gained through the hard experiences you’ve overcome and you spiral upward until you get to that point where that pattern comes up again in its newest form.

When you get the lesson and move up the spiral you are reaching a broader perspective.

Think of the ego-self as an onion with many layers that you need to peel back.

Every time you get the lesson, off comes a layer of that onion and with it, you move up the spiral.

The next time it comes around, you’ll see it from your newest point of growth – a broader perspective.

Growth is infinite – if you let it be – until you transition.

That’s what all of these masters and gurus already know.

Hopefully, you will choose the spiral over the circle.

Circling an issue looks like lack of accountability – blame, victimhood, martyrdom.

The circle is pain, resistance, struggle and strife.

Circling back, circling back, reliving the old stuff, never learning.

Or you can spiral up.

Spiralling an issue looks like taking responsibility, courage to look at your patterns and getting the lesson so you can progress your life. 

And this is why your choices matter.

Which would you rather?





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