Confession: I am super curious. I question everything!

And I have a really bad habit (that I’ve been trying to break) of interrupting people to find out more details of a story because somewhere in my psyche I believe more information will help me with what they’re sharing. I’m sure it annoys everyone close to me.

My curiosity extends to everything we think, see or are told!

So, while this past year has been incredibly difficult for me because I’ve been isolated alone for most of it, there has been no shortage of curiosities for me to ponder.

And I LOVE seeing other people question things.

The flip side of people like me are those who don’t want to look at any of it.

It’s a hard place to be with the crazy times we’re living in today.

This goes back to last week’s question “are you entertained or informed?” 

A lot of people are being emotionally hijacked

with everything they see and hear nowadays.

Many people are putting out their opinions as truth and fact and you can be attacked right now if you question anything that is said.

It’s hard to stand in your truth when you’re afraid someone is ready to tear you down for having a different perspective than what they perceive.

It can make any one of us want to put our head in the sand and pretend this will all go away if we ignore it.

But the division and derision in the air are palpable and hard to ignore.

I recall seeing several posts in the past few months where people have expressed their desire that those who didn’t feel the same way they did would get sick and die. SICK AND DIE. Really? This is where we are now? It would seem so.

There doesn’t seem to be a sliding scale allowed of people with varying beliefs.

There seems to be a fundamental disrespect for differing opinions.

There is a “you’re either with us or against” mob mentality.

I was bullied as a child and this mentality is totally tapping into that for me but at a more intense level.

If you are feeding into the fear so much that it is raising your anxiety levels, making you depressed or even filling you with rage, then, my friend, you are already hijacked.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it is wrong to have an emotional reaction to what’s happening out there. God knows I have my moments especially in the first several months of this health situation.

It is completely normal but you need to ask if that emotion is actually yours?

And if it isn’t, will you let yourself be emotionally hijacked for even one more day?

Here are some tips that you can use to snap yourself out of the scary narrative that starts rolling around your head.

Reflect on these life situations:

  • Next time you go on social media, do a quick check-in to see how you feel – anxious, calm, etc. Notice as you scroll and read how you feel. Is it jacking up your anxiety or anger? Is someone, in particular, doing that or a theme of certain types of posts?
  • When watching the news, watch for the same.
  • Who in your life does this to you? What are they talking about when this happens?

This year in one respect has been exciting in that so many more people are using their rational and logical minds to think where before they just accepted what they were told. It’s exciting to see knowing the kind of entertainment culture we have created today.

Owning your power to question what is right for

 you is one of the most important things we have.

Questions for reflection:

  • Is that emotion yours or is it a projection from someone or something else?
  • If it is yours, sit with it, allow it to just be what it is without attaching stories such as “the world is ending”, “life will never be good again”, and all that drama that isn’t helpful to you.





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