There are two kinds of people: those who are entertained and those who are informed.

Which are you?

This is an important thing to know about yourself.

Are you waiting for someone on social media, the news or a friend who seems to have all the answers to tell you how to think and feel about everything? If so, you are the person who wants to be entertained.

I’m not saying that there is one that is better than the other; you have to figure out what your path is.

But deciding to be informed first certainly helps you maintain inner peace while you are on this journey.

If you choose to be entertained then you likely have a problem self-soothing in times of chaos, confusion and uncertainty.

And isn’t that every other day now? That’s definitely not the place you want to live.  

If this is how you feel then you must inform yourself on how to hold the upset­­­­­ you see in this world while you remain on solid footing.

In Western culture, we have been conditioned to be entertained. And why not go along with that? For decades, it’s been fun. We’ve been given countless devices to keep us amused, reality television that let us distract from dealing with our own lives and no end to numbing agents, legal or not, that allow us to do the same.

If you doubt the brainwashing effect, I recommend you go watch The Social Dilemma on Netflix. You’ll be astounded at how much we are manipulated as a society.

So why does it matter and what has this got to do with your well-being?

When you allow yourself to be entertained rather

than informed, you are pimping out your power.

You are handing over the only form of control that is real: your sovereignty.

And when you do that, you revert to a childlike version of you where you are looking to another for soothing. Another person, an authority figure, a group, likes on social media or whatever – it doesn’t matter!

If you do this in one area, it’s likely bleeding into other areas of your life.

But the stakes are higher today with everything we’re navigating in today’s world.

The reason everything feels like insanity to you is because what you’ve been

relying on all these years as your power source no longer exists. That’s scary as hell.

Priority #1 must be to reclaim that power – learn how to soothe yourself.

It is the only way you will get through these changing times we’re in.

They’re not going anywhere. We’re breaking out of an old paradigm.

This is noisy and scary and uncomfortable.

But there is no reason that the loudness has to happen in your own head or your own heart. It can stay “out there”. 

But to do that, get clear on how to reclaim that power that you inherently have.

This is why we’re here – to learn these things, to have these challenges, to learn how to thrive in spite of them, to have this human experience. It’s The Hero’s Journey.

You were made for times like this.

The first steps, if you need to get reacquainted with self-soothing, are:  

  • Get off social media, if only for a short time.
  • Turn off the news. I guarantee you will not miss anything until you return.
  • Get away from that friend or family member who is creating the upset within you. Mute them. Either online or in real life. I know someone who told her mother she would have to mute her for a few months (she actually said that) and she would be back on such and such a date. And she did it. And her world didn’t fall apart.

I mean, when you burn yourself on the stove, you don’t go back for seconds and touch that hot burner, do you?

Questions for reflection:

  • Is your emotional well-being at the mercy of the next thing you hear or see?
  • Are you wildly reactive to everything out there?
  • Can you bring yourself back to find solace again when your emotions overtake you?
  • Can you find that good-feeling thought to shift your perception about that thing that has thrown you?





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