The truth will set you free. You might not like it. It might be inconvenient.

It may not be what you want to hear, but it will set you free.

What is your truth?

What is the truth of you that you are afraid others will see?

What is your truth that you are afraid to look at yourself?

What is it about you that you just can’t accept?

Once you start living from that place of truth, you will never go back.

But it’s a process to get there.

It’s not as if you wake up completely fearless one day and, like a shaken can of soda, you explode your truth all over the place!

It starts small.

One day you have the courage to look at something about yourself that you have never wanted to acknowledge before.

You are curious about it. You acknowledge it, allow your feelings about it to come up, sit with them knowing they can’t hurt you and you let them go.

It’s a process of holding your truth in your body without making it mean anything about you. You are learning to hold it with attaching stories to it.

Simultaneously, in doing so, you build your spiritual muscle.

It starts by something occurring within you that gives you the courage to see your truth. Somewhere during that process of allowing it to be seen, you had the presence of mind to say “Oh, this is how it’s done”.

Whether that is consciously said or not makes no difference. So every time from now on that you have a willingness to sit with your truth, whether that is on your own or you’re sharing with another, you repeat this process.

With your willingness, the divine can now step in – this is the co-creation process at work – and give you the tools that you will need to hold that truth.  

With each truth held, you are building a habit or process by which you are able to courageously acknowledge the truth and ultimately accept it.

Over time, that turns into practices and habits that allow you to see more truth.

You never reach a point where the fear is no longer there. You have simply adapted your body with new habits to deal with the fear when it arises.

Eventually, if you have the presence of mind to notice how good it felt to acknowledge that truth then to share it with others, you will understand how freeing it is to live from that place all the time.

Not only will you crave that feeling of freedom you will start to raise the bar with what you expect from others. And you may never directly express this to them but it doesn’t matter.

They will feel it. Because everything is energy and people feel you before you ever say a word.

And this doesn’t just extend to the close relationships in your life; you will look at everything differently.

Because everything is energy, our bodies know when we are being lied to. So whether it is social media, news outlets, authorities, politicians, whatever comes your way, you will be able to discern an entirely new level of freedom that comes from critically thinking and asking yourself questions.

“Does this feel true to me?”

“Does what I just heard sound true?”

We all intuitively know the truth when we hear it even when we may not want to admit it.

Once you know that feeling of truth in your body you will be physically repelled by anything that isn’t it.

Do you desire freedom enough to be able to demand the truth?





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