None of us has a clue. 

We grow, we do what we think is best, we try to get it right. 

We follow the actions of those who came before us, regardless of whether that is what we want, thinking they must know something we don’t. 

It can be a struggle, particularly in today’s world. 

So I thought I’d share some things I’ve learned along the way. 

They are true for me, they’re true for you and for everyone, actually. 

Because there isn’t too much difference between all of us.

So in case no one ever told you…

You will get through this.

Often the biggest storms in life are followed by the most amazing transformations.

You have at least one quality that everyone absolutely adores about you.

A midlife crisis is just a revelation of the truth of who you are that has been kept from you since birth.

You are entitled to express how you feel in any situation… kindly.

When you’re given a problem, you’re also given the solution.

Your special gift is one most needed by somebody, somewhere to help them on their journey.

Projecting nothing but love is the quickest way to happiness.

You don’t have to settle.

Never apologize for who you are.

You are stronger than you think.

Two opposing ideas can coexist.

The only person you’re required to live your life for is you.

Talking poorly to yourself qualifies as being in an abusive relationship…with yourself.

That first one, small step can be the one that makes the greatest difference.

You are loved more than you will ever know.

When in doubt, take the vacation.

You only heal your past by moving forward.

Looking at something from the perspective of the problem is the surest way to never find the solution.

When you stop worrying about the how of a situation, life becomes much easier.

Being who you really are is one of the most courageous and fulfilling things you can do.

When you’re overwhelmed, break down your task into smaller steps and keep breaking it down until your anxiety dissipates, allowing you to handle it into manageable pieces.

Absolutely everything you’ve experienced up to this point is for your own growth.

The biggest gift you can give to someone is encouragement.

Without accepting the darkness in you, you will never be whole.

If you aren’t learning new things, you’re dying.

Every connection we have with another is mirroring back what we’re sending out.

Enlightenment happens when you accept your shadow along with your light.

Your experiences don’t define you; only how you choose to respond to them does.

Speaking your truth heals the world.

The Universe is always responding to the vibration you are creating.

Happiness is not a result of a situation; it is a conscious choice made daily.

Wearing bright colours is an instant mood makeover.

Suppressing your emotions brings dis-ease into the body.

Asking if it will matter a year from now is an easy way to figure out what should get your energy.

That dream you have deep in your heart? No one has to believe it but you.

Spirituality isn’t about being positive all the time; it’s about acceptance of all the parts of you.

Living by the cycles of the moon will make your life so much easier to manage.

At some point, you’ve been responsible for brightening someone’s day when they’re in despair.

Our children are learning far more from your actions than your words.

Life may not seem fair but it’s always worth it.

The ability to heal yourself in any situation rests with you.

Being grateful for what you have is the quickest way to draw more of what you want to your life.

Don’t die with your story still inside you… and you do have a story.

The space just after the ending and right before the beginning is where the magic happens.

Choose to look at your fear with curiosity rather than dread.

Movement connects you to your soul.

It’s okay that you want a solo vacation and it doesn’t make you a bad partner or mother.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is simply be with them.

Your reality is only your perception and your perception can change if you really want it to.

Self-love is the cure for needing acceptance from others.

No is a complete sentence.


Now over to you! Got any words of inspiration, motivation or advice for other women?

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