Don’t be such a crybaby.

You’re overreacting.

I don’t know what you’re getting so worked up about.

Be strong.

As a sensitive child and then a young adult manoeuvring complicated hormonal changes, I heard that a lot the first few decades of my life.

After years of being told that, I shut down any feeling at all. It just seemed easier than having to be shamed for being me. And did I pay the price for that!

It would take a few more decades to unravel all of that.

It’s a funny thing to tell someone to stop feeling.

But here’s the secret I learned over the years as I was told to “get control” of myself…

Those same people telling you to get it together are not doing so just because they are uncomfortable with the emotions you are expressing… they’re uncomfortable with the emotion anyone is expressing.

One of the powers of the feminine is our incredible capacity to feel.

Without it, we wouldn’t be as compassionate, inclusive and nurturing as we are.

And we see what that lack of feeling and kindness in our patriarchal society has manufactured…. an indifferent society that lacks empathy for humanity.

That’s because, as women, we’ve been told we’re “too emotional” and we learn early that emotions are bad.

Being told that expressing emotion is weak is a form of manipulation and control.

It’s to keep us small.

It’s to keep us in our place.

It’s to suppress our innate feminine essence that this world needs most right now.

But that is the entire point.

Because when we are allowed to express that softness, to infuse the world with the gifts of the divine feminine, the systems that run the world will not be able to exist.

So let out that emotion.

Let the build-up of pain and exhaustion and shame and rage escape.

This is how the light comes in. This is where the softness and compassion enters your being.

And when you express it, it enters the collective consciousness.

Don’t filter yourself for anyone.

Let out all of the parts that you think are unacceptable and unlovable.

In case no one ever told you, every part of you is perfect just as it is, even your self-proclaimed “ugly parts”.

It’s what makes you who you are.

One of the strongest things you can do in life is to allow yourself to feel vulnerable.

Allow the true you to come out.

It’s how the world will heal.

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