I want to share some lessons I learned the hard way…

When I made the choice to consciously pursue a spiritual path, it was back in the day (decades ago) when people were still considered weird by normal standards for doing such things.

I think back then it was just considered confusion; a person was lost.

There was no internet so the info wasn’t at your fingertips the way it is today.

And, especially if you lived in a small town, the people on the same path as you were few and far between.

So, unlike today, it was a lonely journey. And a lot of mistakes were made along the way.

Once the internet blew up and people started talking about these things, it was obvious we’d all made the same mistakes along the way.

I want to cut that learning curve out for you.

Here are 3 of the top lies that are common among those on this path. And surprisingly to me, many far along on their journey, continue to believe.  

Lie #1 – Spiritual Bypassing

There is an entire sector of the “spiritual community” who do this. Don’t fall into this trap. Forced positivity is not spirituality. Stuffing em­otion that doesn’t feel good is not enlightened. 

Truth: Living a spiritual path means dealing with all of the emotions that come up for us in our individual human experiences. That is, in fact, why we are here… to experience the range of human emotion. The shadow has to be accepted and integrated into your being. If you are following someone who tells you that you are unspiritual for feeling the icky stuff, run fast and run far.

Lie #2 – Spiritual Know-It-All

I think most of us who have consciously undertaken a spiritual path have fallen prey to this behaviour at some point. I certainly did… for a few decades! We get a bit of knowledge, gain some spiritual wisdom and think we have #AllTheAnswers for #AllThePeople. While it comes from good intentions, it is totally the wrong tack to take.

Truth – You’ve had a lot of realizations. Your life has changed tremendously using the concepts you’ve discovered and that’s fantastic! However, it is not a once-size-fits-all deal. As much as what you are learning has helped you heal, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will help your best friend. Each one of us has a different lesson(s) to learn, has specific ways which we learn lessons and will “wake up” when we are ready.

Lie #3 – Spiritual Superiority

Some people who have been consciously on this path for a while put down others or devalue their thoughts because they aren’t as far along on that path

Truth: We are all at different stages on the same path. All of us. And wherever you are on that path is perfect for you in that moment. You likely wouldn’t allow someone to talk shit about you in any other area of life, right? So don’t allow it here just because you don’t feel confident yet and think others know better. I know I felt inferior many times to many people as I learned. But of course, that was an opportunity for me to get one of my lessons.   

Here’s the thing… no matter how far along you are on your path, you will never have all the answers. Not even those who’ve been on it for 40 years.

And, for as much as it seems like you feel lost at the moment, when an instant of clarity hits, it’s one of the biggest highs you can have. So keep going.  

The good news is, you don’t have to do it alone in the meantime. 

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