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  • left a job that was depleting her joy for life after almost two decades for a career aligned with her soul.
  • reclaimed their self-worth and expected good things to come instead of always waiting for the other shoe to drop.
  • healed previously painful parental relationships.
  • dropped destructive relationship patterns and called in a partner, got married and started a family. 
  • implemented strong boundaries in all relationships so everyone could get their needs met. 
  • stopped the hampster-wheel in the mind that was stuck on a loop of overthinking.
  • left the emotionally abusive relationship after a decade of suffering. 
  • released her "control-freak (her words) tendencies and relaxed into her life. 
  • created a strong and infallible inner trust to confidently lead their lives. 
  • retired after recovering from multiple years of illness and began travelling the world. 
  • stopped living for others and decided that they deserved to be happy, too.  
  • reconnected and repaired relationships with estranged family members.
  • increased energy and vitality by releasing patterns and stories that were keeping them drained and exhausted.

Here are a few RESULTS past clients
ENJOY as a result of joining 

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50, Fabulous & Free 

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Each month, I'll take a topic that is important to you, that is affecting your life right now, and do a video masterclass on it. 

You'll be able to suggest areas you'd love to hear me cover, share problems you have or questions you are experiencing to provide the topics. 

It's designed to help you in the moment, where you are now. 

People have been asking for years when I would start a podcast and now the time seems right! 
But it is only available to members of 50, Fabulous & Free! 

I'll be sharing personal and intimate stories from my life, how I got through the drama and trauma of certain situations and sharing the wisdom I collected along the way. I'd love to share that with you. 

Over the years, I've heard from hundreds of women and one thing is clear: we are not getting the support, connection and joy out of life that we should be.  
Let's change that - because we can! 

Once a month we will gather on zoom to talk about whatever comes up for us. A space of your own to be heard and seen with women just like you.  

here's what you get when you join me in
50, Fabulous & FreE

This is just like the women's monthly gathering on Zoom - only we talk about all things sex.

Let's face it - women are shamed for enjoying anything sexual and we've carried that shame for decades.

It's time for it to go! Everything from shame to sensuality is on the table! 

This is huge! I am adding all the content I've created over 10 years to a library of resources for you.  

Some of what you'll see: videos, blog posts, articles, work books,  library of affirmations, free courses, meditations... to name a few, and more added monthly. There will be hundreds of resources here for you!  

There are several forums I'm creating where you will be able to get direct coaching, if you want it. 

Opportunities will be given for you to receive coaching in a group or by asking me a private question or for 1:1 private coaching. It's up to you! 

"Since we've gone through similar situations, you helped me see another way of looking at my life. This helped me navigate difficult decisions and make better choices for my life overall "

L ouise H.

"You taught me how to reset the way I interacted with friends and family. Shortly after we finished working together, I met a man, married him and we just had our first baby."

L yndsay B.

"Stacey helps me navigate my feelings that I failed as a mother as I rebuild my relationship with my estranged daughter. She helps me work through the frustration and pain as I move through this."

Janice C.

Here's how we do this:

Click one of the join now buttons anywhere on this page. You'll be taken to a waitlist where you'll give me your name & email.

Fill it out and submit it. I add you to the waitlist. 

We open our doors in mid-April. I'll send you an email with the link to join once we open up! 


How do you join?

Stacey Broder is a Self-Mastery Coach who guides women going through midlife transitions to ditch the drama, master their emotions and step into the confident women they were born to be.

She has a global coaching practice and leads women in her 50, Fabulous & Free community. She has made multiple media guest appearances and her writing has been featured in online journals.

Stacey lives a nomadic lifestyle with her partner, travelling wherever the wind takes her. 

Currently, she lives in Canada but that can change at a moment’s notice because that’s how she rolls.

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