Let's do this! 

So, I’ve designed 3 ways to work with me.
All with one goal in mind:
To show you how to ditch the drama, trauma & shame
and step into the clear, confident woman you are.
Discover which one is for you.



A woman likes choices, am I right?!

Changing part (or all!) of your life is hard and confusing. 

If you're ready to step into the next version of your life without losing everything you love about the old one, Free Heart is for you.
This is my signature 3-month 1:1 coaching program and it's where my clients see the biggest results.

This is for you if:

  • you feel nothing you've done has worked and you don't know what to next. 
  • you found yourself in a life transition, by choice or by chance, and you need guidance moving through it. 

free hearT   1:1 coaching

"You showed me how to see the patterns operating in my life that were keeping me stuck in unhappy and unhealthy relationships." 

Lyndsay loves this service because...

"You helped open my eyes to a different perspective without ever making me wrong for having the feelings I did."

Louise loves this service because...

"I started to look forward to life again and I regained a level of peace that I thought I’d never feel again."

Tim loves this service because...

Because when shit hits the fan, it's never on your calendar.

For when it can't wait two weeks until the next available appointment, a Soul Session package is designed to give you priority access to my schedule.

It's guidance for when you need it and how you want it delivered.

Think of it as having a coach in your pocket!

This is for you if...

  • you have a lot of fires that pop up and you could use an objective person in your corner with some sound guidance just a call away.  
    • you need someone who's been there to help you make sense of it all, help you weigh the options for where you're at and how to move ahead. 

    soul sessions ON CALL

    "You have a way of making me feel better that's unlike anything I've ever experienced. It's a gift -  Thank you!" 

    Apryl loves this service because...

    "You help me rise above, give me a new perspective and come up with a plan to heal and grow."

    Janice loves this service because...

    "You set me straight when I have thoughts that lead nowhere which keeps me from wallowing and getting stuck."

    Tammy loves this service because...

    Sometimes you don't have the luxury of waiting months to see the results.

    When you need answers now this full day dedicated to you will get you unstuck with a plan in your hands to move forward again by the end of the day.

    This is for you if...

    • you need forward movement in your life, as in yesterday. 
    • if you have a specific goal, outcome, project or dream you want to achieve and you need to come up with a plan. 
    • you love the high end personal experience you get with VIP. 


    "Stacey's wealth of experience combined with her spiritual side makes her the ‘go to’ self-mastery coach to help you through crazy life challenges." ~ Deborah MacDonald, Lifestyle Mentor, Investor & Author 

    "Stacey is direct but she always delivers it with love. If you need
    a caring heart to be your guide to healing then Stacey is it." 

    "Stacey listens, can see where I’m stuck and gives me wise counsel with understanding and caring, even when I’d rather ignore what’s happening! She won’t let me stay in the story I’m telling."