Why don’t you feel safe?

Because you are telling yourself stories.

…I can’t tell people how I really feel because nobody will like me.

…I can’t make a mistake because I’ll be humiliated.

…I can’t speak my mind because I’ll hurt their feelings.

…I can’t do what I’d rather do because they’ll be mad at me.

These are stories you’ve made up long ago to keep you safe, help you make sense of your world, likely as a child.

You no longer need those stories to keep you safe.

You are no longer in that situation that you need to protect yourself from.

Change the “I can’t” to “I will” and then finish that sentence in a way that will give you that sense of safety you need.

Now it might be that you feel uncomfortable because it is new and different for you.

That’s normal. Do it anyway. No change ever happened in your comfort zone.

Your life can’t be different until you decide to do things differently.

You can find a way to express the real you while also feeling safe in the world.