Sometimes, the idea of running away seems so appealing.

If only for a few hours, maybe take a Duvet Dive Day.

The problem, at least in my experience, is that running from something away makes me feel smaller.

And for me, the feeling small and refusing to engage with life full-on, living how I wanted to, just caused more stuckness and suffocation until nothing was growing or moving in my life.

We often do it because we’re scared of what is out there on the other side of making the choices we’d rather make.

But all that happens is we make fewer and fewer decisions until our lives come to a standstill.

It ends in the erosion of our self-confidence to lead our own lives.

Do you ever feel that way?

If so, here are 3 ways to take back control of your life:

When you are totally lost… go back to basics. You need grounding and that is why starting the day with a solid meditation, prayer or stillness practice is so important. It’ll become your sanctuary in times like this. Many times, when I feel lost, it is because I’ve strayed away from morning practice for far too long. 

When you are unsure of what direction to take – Years ago, I heard a quote from Oprah that I live by…”When in doubt, don’t”. When you’re unsure of what to do next, just let things be for awhile. Most things do not require an immediate response no matter what they tell you. Don’t let someone pressure you or cross boundaries when you’re not ready to move.

When you are faced with a couple of choices and don’t know which way to go, just choose. Few decisions are irrevocable and we take the ones we need to make far too seriously. You can course correct down the road. But indecision is a killer. Just choose something.