If you map out the best moments of your life, you will likely see that you had no idea how it happened.

You didn’t plan it, set it up that way, manipulate the outcome or engineer its construction.

You may have wanted that thing but how that thing happened, is totally not because of anything you did.

Now, we can and should for our own ease and flow through life, seek out the best way to make decisions, get clear on what we want that is aligned and would actually make us happy so we can call in that which we desire.

But the how? That’s not up to you.

And so often, we obsess over everything… will we make the wrong choice, will we say the wrong thing… when it doesn’t really matter anyway.

Because what is meant for you will not pass you by.

What does all this mean?

Focus on getting into right-alignment. That’s it. That’s the job.

Notice what works for you, what doesn’t, what feels off and has to go and what fills you up with joy and delight.

Good news, right?

Because that is way less pressure!