Many of us live in a lot of pain, every single day, and we never let it go…

We keep living out old stories that might have kept us safe when we were younger but are no longer required…

We stay in pain without telling anyone.

Sometimes, not even those closest to us.

Sometimes ESPECIALLY those closest to us.

I had someone ask me a while back, YES, I agree with all of this Stacey but HOW do I do it!!??

And I smile and sigh.

Certainly not in a mocking way nor a condescending way. 

And always filled with compassion for where they are because I remember all too well being in their shoes.

But a sigh because, if you have been reading this for awhile, you’ve already heard the answer. 

Over the years I’ve told you a thousand times in a thousand different ways.

But you have the same reaction I had as I was unravelling all of my old “stuff” and learning to walk a new path, live a different way.

So here are the top reasons that you haven’t healed your old stuff so you can move on to the amazing life you want, that is really just waiting for you to claim it.

Reason #1: You don’t believe me. When I say it is simple, I ain’t lying! It is so simple, in fact, that you don’t believe that this is all there could be to it. You don’t believe that the answer really has been standing in front of you the entire time. And you certainly don’t believe the simplicity of what I’m asking you to do has the power to transform your life.

Reason #2: You fell for the lie. What lie? The same lie that has you buying a wrinkle cream with “a secret ancient ingredient” that up until now all wrinkle creams have been missing. The global lie that is, essentially, good marketing. I lay it out for you in basic language, no sales pitch, no fancy name for a methodology wrapped up in a pretty bow where I charge you $20K for the secret to success. So, because it doesn’t come wrapped up like that, you think it doesn’t work.

Reason #3: You want it done for you. We live in a convenience culture and as a result, we all want it done for us. Honey, some things just can’t be delegated or automated. And healing is one of those things. And, because of #1 and #2, you certainly don’t like it when I tell you it isn’t easy. You do not believe the simple, basic things I tell you will actually change your life and so you refuse to have any faith that it might work and decide without any evidence that it won’t.

Healing is simple, but it’s not easy.

Simple, in the ideas and concepts needed to change your life. No fancy-pants programs are going to do that for you.

The “not easy” part is thing that trips you up.

It isn’t easy to train your brain into new patterns and giving up the old ones that have been giving you a payoff your entire life.

It isn’t easy to be consistent with in the actions required to make that change permanent.

It isn’t easy to take personal accountability and call yourself out over and over again with loving compassion until it sticks.

And so, you decide to stay where you are hoping that secret ancient-ingredient skin cream shows up in your life one day to magically take away every last wrinkle in your life.