If you are looking for perfection in your life, if you have to be perfect or seen as perfect in everything you do, then chances are you need things outside of yourself including others in your life to be perfect as well.

That’s exhausting… for you and them!

What is it about you that you don’t accept that requires that level of perfection in your life, anyway?

A lack of self-acceptance places expectations not only on you but on others to

…be a certain way

…do a certain thing

…have something

that is going to make you feel better about who you are in their presence.

That’s a lot of pressure.

It’s unrealistic and unnecessary.  

And, if you have managed by some stroke of luck to manoeuvre your life into a state of perfection, I’m willing to bet that your life is incredibly uncomfortable right about now.  

Because, in today’s world, with all of the systems crumbling, change is the name of the game.

Here is the deal: You can’t have a shift, a death of old systems, a new energy come in, without change.

Change is messy. Dirty. Chaotic. Wild. Unexpected. Cyclonic. Uncertain.

We see it in the world; we see it in our own lives.

The power of change is in the chaos it brings.

It is creative life force energy coming in to clear the decks.

You see it happening in two ways:

You’ve got the outer storm.

That’s the macro. The crazy world outside of you.

Racism. Epidemics. Censorship. Lockdowns. Quarantines.

This is where we feel everything is happening to us.

And then the micro. Your inner world.

Limiting beliefs. Toxic behaviour. Shadow aspects.

Churning up everything within us.

All of it, the inner and the outer, are coming up to rid us all of what is holding us back.

It’s here in one messy, awkward storm meant to break us free from the ties that bind.

Trust the process. 

Chaos is the perfection you have been looking for.

But like most things, it doesn’t come in a wrapper we expect or even want to see.  





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