Almost 22 years ago, I spoke to my Dad for the last time.

He called me one day after work and I knew it was the last time we’d talk before he died. He had Stage 4 lung cancer and he was going to die any day.

As we were on the phone I wanted to tell him I loved him and I knew he wanted to say it to me, but we never did. Emotions weren’t discussed in our house growing up. So, while we each knew how much we loved one another, we never said it.

The next morning, I was told he died just after our call. And I immediately regretted not sucking up the discomfort of being vulnerable enough to tell him how I felt. Now it was too late. And it’s a regret I will always have.

A quick exercise for you…

Write down all of the good things you’ve ever done. All the hugs you’ve given, the thank-you notes you’ve sent, charities donated to, money given to people on the street, all of it.

Could you do it? Of course not! None of us will ever remember all of the good things we have done in our lives.

Now, flip that paper over and write out 5 or 6 things you regret in life. Just 5 or 6.

I bet you had no problem remembering your regrets, right?

So why is it that we remember the unhappy things?

It isn’t that we remember what we do or don’t do. That isn’t the remembering.

At the moment just before you do or don’t do a thing that you end up regretting, you received guidance.

Your intuition was telling you exactly what to do next – or not to do, as the case may be. And you ignored it.

Ignoring the guidance that you received from your inner knowing is what the regret is.

You consciously chose not to do or say that thing that would have healed the situation or not caused the situation to occur in the first place.

It created a hurt or pain for yourself or another and now you feel guilty because you went against your better judgment.

The immediate gratification that you were looking for in that moment may not have been met if you had followed your guidance. The result is regret.

It’s basic cause and effect. You asked for the answer. You were given the answer. You ignored the answer.

And this lasting regret is the Creator’s way of ensuring you know exactly what it feels like to go against that guidance.

The reason you don’t remember the kind and generous things you do is because you did that in alignment with your Higher Self. Source doesn’t need to give you a course-correction about that; you were in the flow at the moment you did the good thing.

Following your guidance in that moment of regret would have meant that you needed to make a sacrifice. You would have had to do something outside your comfort zone. You would have to have been vulnerable.

The internal guidance you get, whether you call that grace from God, spiritual divination, communication with your Higher Self – it doesn’t matter what you label it, it is all the same thing – is here to show each of us the way.

We are always being given direction for what to do for our own best interests and the interests of those we love. There is never a time we are not guided.

The question is: are you blocking the flow?





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