You try so hard, reading all the books and doing all the things, but nothing seems to work for you.

It leaves you feeling broken, bitter and empty.

Why are you are so unhappy?

You could decide that you’re a special snowflake and basic universal laws don’t apply to you. But before you do that, let’s take a quick look at 5 things that cause unhappiness that you might not have considered!

  1. Hating on yourself– You can be so practiced at this, you might not realize you’re doing it. When you don’t accept yourself, shadow and all, this can show up in many ways. Your inner critic takes over and talks smack to you on a consistent basis. It can be loud and invasive thoughts or quiet yet critical every time something crosses your mind that gets you closer to expanding in some small way. You can train yourself out of these thoughts.
  2. Complaining, blaming, criticizing and gossiping– Many years ago, I was challenged to stop complaining and gossiping. It wasn’t easy (which showed me just how much it was a part of my way to connect with others) and it took me several tries before I broke the habit, but I did. It was a life-changing move. Here’s what happened: toxic energies I was drawing in with my complaining were replaced with higher quality friendships. I felt better about myself as a person and, of course, it followed that I became happier.
  3. Comparison– This has become a major issue with the infiltration of social media in our lives. We know what everyone is doing all day, every day. Here’s the thing about comparing ourselves to others and why we should stay in our own lane: Judging ourselves based on another’s journey is insane. Maybe they started earlier than you and are further down their path. Very likely they have different lessons to learn along the way which means their experience will not resemble yours, anyway. And maybe you’re only getting half the picture because they only post the good stuff on social media – it’s definitely a situation where you shouldn’t believe everything you read!
  4. Holding on to toxic relationships–  Most people won’t be in our lives forever. In too many cases, we hold on to those we should release so much longer than we need to. How do you know if a person is meant to evolve out of your life? A simple test is to ask yourself if you feel energized or drained after/during spending time with this person. If they suck all the energy out of you, maybe it is time to take a break from that person.
  5. Trying to be successful– Society’s definition of success is to do, be and have more, more, more! We’re told we’re never enough and we never have enough. Our priorities are all upside down. No wonder we feel so exhausted and unfulfilled. We’re basing our desires on what this culture tells us we need to be a success. The spouse, the kids, the impossibly thin bodies, #allthethings from all the stores that people and corporations who have nothing in common with us tell us we have to have. No thanks! When you shut out the outside world for a bit, go deep and feel into what your soul truly desires, then you can make a plan to figure out success for you.

You are 100% in charge of how happy you will be. You can almost always change your situation. You can certainly shift your perception (which will shift your reality).

Choosing to change even one of these can have you a huge impact on your life.

But you have to want it enough to make the change.

As with most things, the power lies with you to do this.

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