I had to unexpectedly shut down my business… for three years.

It was health-related, my life came crashing down around me and it was totally unavoidable.

When I decided to relaunch I knew it would come as a surprise to people; I never ran it by anyone first. Maybe five people knew I had been quietly planning in the shadows. 

There’s a lot of advice out there on making a goal or dream happen. Much of it talks about telling everybody about it so they can hold you accountable. 

While I understand that viewpoint, I completely disagree with it – at least, in the initial stages of your dream.

Here’s why…

First, I am a grown-ass human. I will hold myself accountable.

I am the only person who can do the work to create the life I want. If I really want it and I’m not just paying it lip service, I don’t need to be goaded, embarrassed or shamed into making it happen.

Which brings me to the second reason. Hold your dream sacred.

Here’s the thing… we all have people in our lives – family, friends, co-workers – some well-meaning, some not, who are all too happy to tell you “it” can’t be done.

Because of my health issues previous to re-launching, I simply didn’t feel strong enough emotionally and physically to handle the naysayers and internet trolls who inevitably come out when you have an online business.

So, I worked on it, quietly building the foundation. I got really clear on what I wanted to create.

Pro-tip: the more clarity you get on your big dream, the more confidence and certainty you feel about it when you do announce your plans. 

At the same time, I also got strong enough to risk the vulnerability one feels when they put something out there that has a piece of their heart and soul.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a business or another dream or goal; it breaks down the same way.

You will excitedly share with people that you are pursuing a new career path or you’re saving to take your family on a trip of a lifetime or you, in your third act of life, are about to head to college for the first time…and they will happily tell you all the reasons that it can’t happen.

A large portion of the people in your environment will not be cheerleaders for your big dream whether they express it consciously or unconsciously. And that’s ok. You don’t need them to. It’s not their life. By the way, these are the same people that will say, “I told you so!”, if you happen not to meet your goal which is another reason to keep quiet in the beginning stages.

When you step out of your comfort zone (and out of the box that people have placed you in), it highlights the fears of those in your life. They want to get you back in that box ASAP because your expansion is making them uncomfortable! 

A few things to consider when deciding how much of someone’s opinion and judgments should affect your life:

  • See these little joy thieves for the gifts they are… little messengers from the Universe sent in from time to time to give you pause to consider whether you really want what you say you want. 

The key to nurturing it in silence and giving it time to take hold is to provide yourself with motivation and inspiration to get you closer to your goal.

How do you do that? Here are three tips to keep the dream moving forward:

Think it – Sit with your dream. Get clear on what you want and be intentional with this. Think about how it will look when it you’ve reached your goal.

Feel it – Thinking builds desire which you need to take it out of the idea stage. The feeling is where the magic happens. You need to feel what it is going to be like to experience your dream. Envision what getting there will look like. What emotions does it produce in your body? How do you feel? What do you see? Can you taste it, hear it, see it, touch it? Repeat this step whenever you need motivation. 

Do it – Frame a picture of the new car you want and put it on your desk. Open a savings account for that vacation of a lifetime. Register for that first course toward the degree you always wanted. Get the idea? These things might seem like they are no big deal but don’t discount them! Every time you see that picture of the car or deposit money in the account, you will initiate those feelings that are the key to manifesting what you want. 

Don’t blow off these steps. You know all of those people who seem to be so “lucky” and get whatever they want in life? They do these things.

Take responsibility for your own conscious-creator status!

Create what you want to experience in life.

Protect it. Nurture it. Watch it grow. 

Surprise everyone. Make it happen.

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