• We'll have your Kick Off Call on the date you choose once you secure your spot. On that call, you tell me all about what it is you want to do on your VIP Day. It will last about an hour.

   Don't know yet? On the call, we can dive into what you'd like to change to          figure out the best use of that day for you and your life!  

  • Over the summer, we'll onboard you. That's a fancy term for prepping you for your VIP Day. I'll send you a few resources to get you ready and excited to take on your VIP Day in September. But this is a leisurely, no stress onboarding. As long as they are completed before September 1st, you can do this at your pace so you can enjoy your summer!

  • Once you are rested and ready in September, we will have your VIP Day over Zoom. You are going to learn a lot but this is not just information being thrown at you. You will learn in detail exactly where and why you are stuck, how to move through it and leave with a plan, a blueprint, that you can use as a guide that I will show you how to use again and again in your life. Our day together will last about 8 hours.  

  • Secure your spot by choosing from the Pay-In-Full or Payment Plan options below.   

  • Once payment is received, you'll get a welcome email from me within 24 hours with a link to my calendar to book your Kick Off Call.

  • We'll meet on Zoom on the date and time you choose for your Kick Off Call and we'll go from there! 
  • The 3 contributors that are keeping you stuck and  how and where they are showing up in your life. 

  • The one action you can take every time so you can get clear on what you want and move ahead confidently.  

  • The #1 reason you and other women do not speak your truth and how to get past it. 

  • Your customized blueprint which I will show you how to use as a reference guide moving forward for every issue that arises in your life.  

Date & Time

  • Kick Off Call - within 10 days of booking (more details below) 

  • Onboarding process over the summer months (more details below) 

  • VIP Day - a full 8-hour day in September, dedicated to you


  • Both calls happen on Zoom

Investment - 2 options 

  • Pay-in-full - $2000 USD (Reg. $5000 - price goes up 
                           Monday the 27th at midnight!) 

  • Pay-in-full - $2000 USD 
(Reg. $5000) 

  • Payment plan - 3 payments of $666.66 USD

  • Payment plan - $666.66 USD
 x 3 payments 


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* Regular price is $5000 * All prices in USD. * No refunds given.
* Payment plans will be paid out 30 days apart. * Must be paid in full before VIP Day.

I'll show you how to step into the new version of your life without losing everything you love about the old one.