Years ago, I posted a meme about letting go what no longer serves you.

A family member decided to set me right.

He told me exactly how selfish that was and how I should “watch myself”.

I was getting too big for my britches.

Clearly, he didn’t understand it.

And isn’t this the whole thing right there that holds us back!

Especially, as women, we are taught to do for others…

We fear being called selfish.

We fear rocking the boat.

We fear causing a scene.

We fear not being “nice”.

But when we let those fears dictate our actions, we are choosing to dishonour our own needs.

I don’t know about you, but for me, I have learned what my needs are through not caring for myself for long periods of time then having that crash around me, suffering negative consequences as a result.

So, what if we stopped doing that?

It’s easier to introduce a new concept than get rid of an old one, doing it consistently until it edges out the old, unwanted action.

What if you allowed the fear to be there… BUT also honoured yourself?

The fear and self-honouring, loving actions can co-exist.

Reflection Exercise:

Sitting in silence for a moment, think about an area where you want one thing but fear of something unwanted is dictating your decisions.

Are you able to allow the fear and find the courage to honour yourself at the same time?

Are you able to allow the fear to just be, showing up however it wants, and do the loving thing for your own growth and evolution?

Are you willing to do that? In that moment, just give yourself permission to do what is self-honouring for YOU.

Nothing starts without willingness.